Climate Watch on tour

This week, Climate Watch is off to meet people, present and exchange ideas. First at the EU Transparency Camp in Amsterdam (1/6), then at the EIJC Data Harvest conference in Mechelen (2/6 – 5-6).

Sharing is caring, and feedback is always welcome

Sharing is caring, and feedback is always welcome

TransparencyCamp Europe is an unconference that focuses on open data, new technologies and policies that make the EU work for people, stimulates open government and helps people grasp the workings of the various EU institutions. We will attend and discuss how open environmental data can be used in combination with other open data to promote transparency.

Dataharvest/EIJC, The European Investigative Journalism Conference organised by, is the most relevant networking event for investigative and data journalists in Europe. Since data journalists are a prime user group for Climate Watch, we will be there to discuss prospects for collaboration.

It should be an interesting week. If you’re going to be around in the Low Countries, do join. If not, worry not – you’ll get the scoop on what happened right here.