What is Climate Watch?

Climate Watch is a community-led effort to multiply the value of Open Environmental Data.


It integrates and enriches Open Environmental Data and makes it usable for everyone, creating an ecosystem, connecting stakeholders and developing value-add services.

Climate Watch has been developed as part of 2016 the Nasa Space Apps Challenge, and is a candidate for the Public Choice Award.


Climate Watch Overview

Data is the currency of Climate Change research, the means through which progress is made and monitored. Although Environmental Open Data is increasingly available, it is not easy to use or sufficient. Climate Watch is developing and advocating the use of a platform to utilize existing open data, enrich it via crowdsourcing and offer value-add services.

Climate Watch is an ongoing effort to build the platform we can use to tell the story that gave birth to this initiative: we take a shot at decomposing a high-level initiative such as the Paris Agreement into measurable indicators we can keep track of, see how these indicators have evolved through time and how they are related with everyday facts such as pollution from car emissions.

Climate Watch is an open source project steered by an organization in charge of its development and direction.

The problem: using data for climate change

Too much data,
and yet not enough

The story so far: from ideas to action

Working on a story,
building a platform

Who we are: team and contributors

The organization and the community